5 Unexpected Benefits of Hiring A Sleep Consultant

The biggest benefits of hiring a sleep consultant are having an expert in your corner, a trusted resource to tell you what to do, and a second set of eyes!

The Number 1 Benefit of Hiring a Sleep Consultant: Advice is for YOUR Individual Baby

Being a mom is so overwhelming. There are so many questions that, even when you ask others or your doctor, the advice doesn’t help. They have such a limited view of your baby and the interactions you have with her. Books and blogs can help sometimes, but not every blog or book is going to know the specific needs of YOUR baby.

That is why there are distinct benefits to hiring a professional sleep consultant for your family! Someone who understands that your baby has unique needs! Each family, household and even each baby are different. You may have noticed this if you have more than one baby: sometimes what worked for one infant doesn’t work for the next. That’s where hiring a sleep consultant comes in. An infant sleep consultant will work with you to get a complete picture and help individualize sleep training based on what works for you as a parent, your family and most importantly: this individual baby.

Newborn sleeping with boa of feathers. Peace of mind is one of the unexpected benefits of hiring a professional sleep consultant | The Peaceful Sleeper

Trust me. It’s great to have somebody that can see the whole, comprehensive picture of your baby. Ideally, this person has really been on this journey with you. Somebody who has dealt with thousands of babies and their unique sleeping patterns is such a valuable resource to have in your corner. A skilled sleep consultant can draw from a wealth of experience to help your baby and family sleep.

Benefits of Hiring a Sleep Consultant

Babies Are Not One Size Fits All

As a new mom, you can exhaust yourself reading all the blogs and books, and all the different methods and buying all the courses, to hear everyone’s singular view about what sleep should look like. That can be so overwhelming because your baby doesn’t fit into that mold.

If you actually have that one-on-one help with a sleep expert, they can help tailor these recommendations to your baby. Most importantly, they will also know when an exception should be made.

Experience of a Professional Sleep Consultant

Working with an infant sleep consultant, you have the benefit of working with someone who has helped thousands of moms and babies. They have a lot of experience with different circumstances and things that work and what to do when they don’t.

Again, one size does NOT fit all with infant sleep, and the goal is to help YOUR baby get optimal sleep. This might be different than your best friend’s baby, or your mom’s experience, or the pediatrician’s quick analysis of infant sleep.

Little boy in hospital bed with teddy bear, giving a thumbs-up to the camera. Professional sleep consultants provide the benefit of a broad lens that can help your family get more sleep. The Peaceful Sleeper Blog explores unexpected benefits of hiring a sleep consultant.

Pediatricians Have a Focused Lens

In med school, physicians are trained to look for illnesses, how to diagnose and keep your baby healthy in that sense.

“Pediatricians are not trained as sleep specialists”

Sleep is something that they touch on in school because it’s so important for physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. They can tell you how much sleep they should be getting in order to stay healthy, but they don’t necessarily tell you HOW to optimize your baby’s sleep.

Also, sometimes the suggestions that you get from your pediatrician aren’t going to be the same across the board. Some might say it’s ok to let them cry through the night at 6 weeks and some might say they need night feedings until they’re 9 months. Pediatricians are SO great, but they can’t be there for you day-to-day and help you through your sleep struggles.

Hiring a Sleep Consultant Gives You Step by Step Instructions and Troubleshooting Along the Way

Like with any parenting situation, you don’t get an owner’s manual with step by step instructions. With a sleep consultant though, you have help with someone that knows your baby and YOUR sleep training process. If you need to call them to ask, “Hey, 3 months later we’re still experiencing X, Y, and Z, what should we do?” You have somebody that has the experience with your baby to give you an answer that will work.

A Sleep Expert is a Second Pair of Eyes

Having an in-home sleep consultant gives you that 24-hour assistance with your baby during those first couple of days of sleep training. You have somebody who, not just over the phone listening to you describe your baby, is somebody that sees what’s happening to your baby in real-time.

Two women with a baby in a carrier, assisting with professional sleep training for executive mommy | Benefits and traits of hiring expert sleep training help

One of the things that makes the biggest difference with the in-home packages is that I can see baby’s sleep cues that are sometimes very subtle. Happy babies have sleep cues that are so easy to miss. Sleepy cues let us know when baby is ready for bed and missing them can give you an overtired and fussy baby that is harder to put down.

Extra Support for Your Family

It’s also so great to have support through all of the overwhelm you are going to experience with your baby, especially if you are choosing to do some cry it out. It’s nice to have somebody that can reassure you over the process and help you see those small milestones of success.

If you are looking for that extra support and expertise, I have different sleep packages to choose from to give you comprehensive help that you need when sleep training.

You don’t have to do this alone! I would love to help you and your family.

Xoxo, Chrissy

The Peaceful Sleeper: Personalized, Expert Sleep Services for the Whole Family

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